As students, you will have many opportunities to learn and grow here at Terrace.  We encourage you to be serious about your studies and to take advantage of the many extra-curricular activities and programs.

All students are required to keep this handbook with them at all times. Please share this handbook with your parents.  It contains much of the information that you will need regarding policies and procedures for the entire school year.

We are looking forward to a successful and exciting school year.  Please have a terrific year and get involved in your school.


The Terrace Middle School Staff

Terrace Middle School Vision Statement

At Terrace Middle School our vision is to be an interconnected community of staff, students, and parents striving for excellence and to encourage all to reach their highest potential.

Our rigorous, standards based programs will build skills for lifelong learning, success and creativity.

We will share attitudes that value respect and achievement.

Our campus, facilities, and equipment will be safe, clean and technologically current.

Terrace Middle School Mission

Every Student Succeeds

Terrace Middle School Motto

Live to Learn!

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